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I'm going to be getting my real estate license here soon. My plan has been to build my real estate business monday through thursday and then work a restaurant job friday through sunday. I have a job offer in a office where I'd work monday through friday, which wouldn't allow me as much time to  build my business but I would make much more money than I do now. What should I do? I'm getting sick of having no money but I don't want work to get in the way of my business.

I'm betting you'll have to flip that plan in terms of the days. Most of your real estate work will be on the weekends. Generally if you're trying to make something like that happen then find a job where you work early mornings through the early afternoons. Then you can be available when most clients will be. 

If you are looking to get any sort of loan from a bank, having a salaried position will be very important.  Also if you make more money you will be able to save more to put towards investing!

Team up with another agent in your office who could do the work for you on the weekends.

Would you be working evenings with the restaurant job or days?

Good luck.

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