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I am looking for an agent who is familiar with the Whiting and Hammond areas of NW Indiana.  I would like to work with an agent who is an investor or who works with investors regularly.  I would like someone who some of our members have used and can recommend if possible.  Thanks for the help!

Thanks Jeff. I am looking at residential multi's and SFR's in the Whiting area. That is a block to block area so I really need someone who knows it well.

I am a licensed broker in Indiana.  I mostly work with investors. I am an investor myself.  Selling real estate is not my primary source of income.  I enjoy helping, teaching, learning from, and networking with other investors.  That is the reason I earned my license.  Feel free to PM me.

My business partner and I have a portfolio of properties we own in NW Indiana, primarily in Hammond and Whiting, with some lesser exposure in Munster, Highland & Schererville. We are licensed and actively looking for deals. Currently under contract on 3 multi's in Whiting. Would welcome meeting some other investors in the area. Feel free to hit me up with a message and we can discuss.

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finally...I started investing in NWI and already closed 3 units in Hammond and Griffith. I believe, I've good team to start with (still working on it...) ....Hopping to finish rehab by end of this month and enjoying CASH FLOW starting from Nov.....Excited to close few more deals by end of 2016...

Would love to get connected with other investors, Realtors, contractors, in NWI. ....

Happy investing...

Hi guys! I am an investor from Southern California looking to invest in SFH and small multifamilies in the NW Indiana area. I will be traveling to that area next week (Thursday Nov, 3 - Sunday Nov, 6) and would love to get together with anyone who has some time to discuss real estate. @Rick P.

@Kumar Paj Congrats on getting your deals together.  I would be interested in picking your brain about your experiences jumping into the area.

@Jay Bhatt How has your experience been so far trying to invest from a distance?

@Dale Stevens @Jeff Valentino   I am looking for a local investor friendly real estate agent and would appreciate any referrals.

@David Nacionales welcome to midwest....

NW Indiana is very tricky area and you need to be very careful about the same, especially when you plan to invest remotely. I've learned so much about this market this year (still learning). I believe, with the help of reliable team of Realtor, GC and PM, you can find good opportunities in this area. If you are planning to get into Turnkey, please let me know. ....

I will be around on Sat/Sunday (Hammond area)...so we can plan to meet....

good luck

Feel free to reach out David. Would love to talk about the area with you. I currently have about 200 units spread around NW Indiana and have been actively investing there since late 2010.

@Rick P. Where have you found the most success? I'm a wholesaler out of South Bend and my experience has been great here for buy and holds. @Paul Stout If you ever happen to make your way towards the South Bend Notre Dame area, let me know. Id love to be of any help whether its information based, directly, or with referrals.

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My partner and I are flying out there from Nov.5 to Nov.8. We have a property under contract that we hope to close on Nov.6. This is going to be our first property . It is not a turnkey though. We buy below market, may require $2k to $2.5k rehab with tenant already in place.

I have spoken to Rick and Paul. Great guys.  Paul has provided some much needed useful insight about the market. I can't thank him enough.

I am looking forward to meet them. Hopefully, scheduling works out for everyone.