Hanging license w/ investor friendly broker in St Pete / Pinellas

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Afternoon folks

A good friend of mine passed his real estate exams recently and would like to hang his license with an investor orientated broker in the St. Petersburg / Pinellas County area. 

In other words, he would like to work with a broker who has broad experience dealing with real estate investors (flippers, wholesalers, portfolio builders etc.) as well as owner occupiers & first time buyers.

Any recommendations?

Check out Kiehn Realty Company.  

Happy to help. Feel free to have him message me or drop me an email. Thanks!

Discuss this with Rob Van Stronder, Broker Key Lime Realty.   813-966-4003. 


Thank you very much guys, appreciate the feedback.

I'm curious @Colin Murphy, what broker did your friend decide on?

I want to raise this question again. I am moving to the Tampa Bay area on January 7th. The idea is to get in contact with some of the brokers before I move down to the area. It is going to be a challenge enough to move down to Tampa Bay from Kentucky.  Considering that we know virtually no one. It will be an uphill battle for me to get a position in the area but I have confidence that I can.

If anyone has any key questions to ask the brokers that will help me decide the best brokerage for my skill set. That would be greatly appreciated. At the beginning I feel that I should focus on property managing. I have owned and ran every aspect of owning investment properties. So I have a good since of cost evaluation on rehabs and the other technical aspects of running rentals. It will be great to get some income that will offset the gap until I get some listings or prospects on selling and buying area of being a real estate agent.

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