Hanging license w/ investor friendly broker in St Pete / Pinellas

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Afternoon folks

A good friend of mine passed his real estate exams recently and would like to hang his license with an investor orientated broker in the St. Petersburg / Pinellas County area. 

In other words, he would like to work with a broker who has broad experience dealing with real estate investors (flippers, wholesalers, portfolio builders etc.) as well as owner occupiers & first time buyers.

Any recommendations?

Check out Kiehn Realty Company.  

Discuss this with Rob Van Stronder, Broker Key Lime Realty.   813-966-4003. 


I'm curious @Colin Murphy, what broker did your friend decide on?

I want to raise this question again. I am moving to the Tampa Bay area on January 7th. The idea is to get in contact with some of the brokers before I move down to the area. It is going to be a challenge enough to move down to Tampa Bay from Kentucky.  Considering that we know virtually no one. It will be an uphill battle for me to get a position in the area but I have confidence that I can.

If anyone has any key questions to ask the brokers that will help me decide the best brokerage for my skill set. That would be greatly appreciated. At the beginning I feel that I should focus on property managing. I have owned and ran every aspect of owning investment properties. So I have a good since of cost evaluation on rehabs and the other technical aspects of running rentals. It will be great to get some income that will offset the gap until I get some listings or prospects on selling and buying area of being a real estate agent.