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Hi there, I am a new investor looking for an experienced Realtor/investor to help me locate properties to fix&flip in the Cherokee & Cobb county Georgia. I've contacted other Realtor's, but non have shown any results. Please recommend..

Thanks, Shawn

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Hi Shawn,

I'm a realtor and investor in the Cobb County area. I'm currently working with a couple of fix/flip buyers now. 

Between MLS and wholesale properties there are definitely deals to be made if you have your funding lined up and ready to pull the trigger.

It's competitive, and you have to act fast when the numbers line up. No time for second guessing or its gone.

Send me a message, we can chat more.

Hey @Shawn Stinnett you might as well pound sand if you want to find deals on FMLS in those two counties.  They are very few and very far in between.  I see the investor frezny in metro Atlanta being at or near what it was in 2005-2006.  People are paying ridiculous prices for homes at the courthouse steps and for listed properties that are even slightly distressed.

I slightly disagree with Stan. It's really difficult to find good investment properties in Smyrna, Marietta and Kennesaw, true. But there are occasionally good deals in the smaller cities like Powder Springs, Mableton and Austell. 

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