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Hi everyone, I am an absolute newbie when it comes to real estate. I chose to forgo my interests in real estate a couple of years ago and chose respiratory therapy and I am now burned out. I’m tired of working 12-13 hours a day for a hospital corporation and would much rather invest 12-18 hours into my own business. So I am now coming full circle and choosing my original interest in becoming a listing agent and property manager in San Antonio, while picking up 1 shift a week at the hospital.

I am about to enroll through SABOR for my real estate licensing course and thinking about hanging my license with a sponsoring broker such as Texas Sponsoring Broker or Your LLC Broker afterword. However, this is where my dilemma lies. I do not have mentor to show me the ropes on how to properly sell and manage properties or more importantly be the best advocate for my clients. Is there an independent path to educate oneself and still be successful?

Being a family man and a homeowner myself, I completely understand the importance of being as knowledgeable as possible when representing someone in the sale or rental of their home. Once I get my license, I really want to hit the ground running. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys/gals could give me some insight into the most independent, yet successful route that I should take when entering into the role of being a real estate listing agent/property manager. Thank you!

Welcome! I think it's an awesome choice and can be really rewarding. When I started out I had no experience, and no mentor, so I actually wrote out my business plan which forced me to go out and get the information that i needed, and forced me to think about and begin to incorporate how I was going to make my business stand out. It took me months to compile industry and local market data, and a strategy to be successful, but the end result was that my few months of diligence lead me to gaining knowledge that people who have been in the same industry for years didn't have.

I feel like in the beginning stage, that is vital.. Because it will arm you with the knowledge that you need to be confident in the industry you sought out. A mentor will be very good in helping you with growing pains, and avoiding mistakes that could cause losses and delays.

It just so happens that my mentor is also a competitor but we work very closely together since there’s plenty to go around. By coming to BP, you are definitely in the right place to learn how to achieve exactly what you want. If you do decide to go the business plan route, reach out to me as I have extensive market research for PM that may be of good use to you. 

William, thank you for your response! Happy to hear about your success and I will surely be following. Any literature/research would be much appreciated. You can email me. Thank you!

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