Denver Broker's Assistant

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Right now I want to work underneath a broker while I am working on my getting my Brokers License.  

1. Where in the Biggerpockets forums can I find Agents that are looking for assistants? Would that be the BP Marketplace? If so, how do you search the BP marketplace forums so I can find only those posting for the Denver area? 

2. Is it common for agents to compensate assistants on an hourly 1099 wage while they are training? I want to dive head first into RE but I need a source of income while I am studying and working under a broker. I can't go without working while I study for my exam. 

Sounds good. How do you follow up if you have been only sending out replies from craigslist ads? 

Here is my resume. Critique away please!

Please note I don't have any previous work experience in RE.

I've never needed a resume (thank god) so I can't really critique that part but I will let you know that  "Immaculate" is spelled with an "i". 

it's a bit of an unusual use of that adjective,  but I think it works. Spotless and tidy organizational skills? Why not!

Agree the Craigslist!

And, yes, most agents pay assistants 1099s.

Now, you say you're working underneath a broker.  Are you planning on switching brokerages when you find someone to work under, if they're not in the same brokerage?  Because, it wouldn't be a good thing to work with competing brokers, if the agent you work with as a LA (Licensed Assistant) is with a different broker.  Heck, I don't think you're even allowed, plus you wouldn't want to.

Also, another way to look is just by searching agents in Denver and look for the agents who have all the listings.  Then shoot them an email or give them a call and ask them about being a LA.

@Shawn McMahon another tactic would be to identify top producers in your favorite areas, busy people are the ones who need help.  An hourly wage may be a necessity in the short term but you want to work with someone who is going to help you build clientel. Both times I've hired an assistant (yes on hourly 1099 wages) I was too busy to handle my client load.  My deal with them was they would get paid training at a set amount of hours but they would be learning by doing, i.e. working with clients from day one.  The day they got licensed they already had commissions in their pipeline.

@Shawn McMahon personally I would skip the working under a broker while you wait to get your license. You don't need to "study" to get the license. You need to take the classes and pass the exam. I see you have a BA. The license classes and exam is easier than most college credits. Get a job and get your license then find where you want to work as a broker. You must read Gary Keller and Jay Papasan's book the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Once you digest that, it will help you make your way in the business.