Have you used offrs.com

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New here and not quite sure this is the forum for this.

My Broker pays for offrs.com and I have gotten an assigned territory.  Been marketing to it with not much luck yet.

Has anyone else here used them and what has there experience been?


I recently came across offrs.com and was thinking about signing up with it. Have you had any luck with it since you posted 7 months ago? Would you recommend it? Please advise. There's so many websites are out there waiting to take your money so it's hard to know which ones really work.

I did some quick research on this. SmartZip is a competitor of theirs. It really comes down to which algorithm is better. Not sure what their pricing is but I would be very careful not to blow your marketing dollars on this. Has anyone had any luck with predictive analytics? What is their pricing?


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This post has been removed.

I have used offrs.com and I find it to be a very useful product for my agents. They provide a lot of data about property owners and tools that enable me to do prospecting and targeted marketing to my clients' farms. Its one of the best tools I have found for getting seller leads / listings.