Can an agent register with multiple brokers?

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Greeting, everyone. I want to get my license to gain additional education as well as the other benefits for personal investing in residential properties. My only concern is that I may soon have a job with a commercial real estate firm, and a firm I worked with in the past required agents register their licenses with one of the firm's brokers of record.

Will there be a conflict if I want to have my license for residential use if my job requires me to register with its commercial broker? Can my license be associated with one broker for residential and another for commercial? Just want to avoid a sticky situation. Ideally, the work for the commercial firm will not be brokerage.

If it makes any difference, I live in a Washington, DC,where most real estate agents tend to focus on either residential or commercial properties.

Sorry Tim, you can only have your license with one broker.

Only one broker at a time. I don't know if there would necessarily be a problem practicing residential with a commercial broker. Unless I am missing something?

I am not aware of any states that allow you to operate under more than one brokerage.

For what it's worth... If you are a broker, you may register with more than one brokerage firm. At least in Maryland.  Broker, not salesperson..

Heath Thomas is correct. Don't know of any state that Allows Salespersons to register with more than 1 Broker. Brokers on the other hand may be Brokers for more than one company and in some cases can get multiple licenses (at least in FL). 

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