What is the best salesperson course to take online in NYS?

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I'm from upstate NY and am enrolling in the online course today but am unsure of which site I should go through. I've heard that some are more area specific (like NYC) so I want to make sure I'm taking the appropriate one. I'm as close to Canada that you could get without crossing the border if that helps anyone... :) 

@Derek Carroll Someone else recommended them to me as well. I just want to make sure I'm getting the best course for my money. So you took yours online as well? How did you make out doing it online vs in a classroom setting? I'm really nervous about not having that interaction with the instructor.

@Account Closed  my understanding is that most all of the courses will be near identical material wise. It's up to you if online classes work for your learning style.  With this particular program you won't have anyone to ask questions to but they way it is put together is very black and white and explains the material well. 

The material by itself is very elementary , mostly just making sure you understand the rules and then gives some very basic modules on real estate topics. Most of what you learn is going to happen on he job with experience. 

I would recommend that you spend more time screening the broker who you will associate with, making sure that you have opportunity to lean along the way, instead of worrying about which course you take for the licensing test.  Working in the right environment and with people that will help you grow and learn is what will make you successful.