Top online Real estate school programs

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Hey BP community,

I'm wanting to getting my RE licenses and I was wondering if any of you RE agents recommend any top online courses in Tennessee to get my license.
I am currently living in CA and was going to get my license here, but the "Allied school of Real Estate CA" doesn't transfer over to other states, and I plan on moving to TN in a year 1/2. Any advise on what I should do? Has anyone been in this position?

Thanks in advance.


Awesome plan Rhea. Six months is a perfect time frame to get your license. You will actively research areas in Tennesee and study for the state exam.

Therefore taking an online course that the state offers is only straight-forward. If you don't take the course, that is valuable time gone that could have been used to sell a pre-foreclosure home.

Fortunately Real Estate Express offers a Tennesee online-education course. Check it out NOW!

I used Real Estate Express.  It was ok but not great.  The software was a little glitchy (kept logging me out) and the explanations could have been a lot clearer. But, it worked and I passed.

Try Career WebSchool. I was actually able to get the TN broker course for 30% off due to Cyber Monday sales. It only cost $195 but so far the coursework seems to be high quality. I've already completed the sections on Contracts and am working my way through Property Ownership.

The only thing I wish I had is a downloadable copy of the materials so I don't have to be on my laptop to study. Otherwise, I like it!