Looking to Speak w/ an Investor Friendly RE Agent in San Antonio

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Hello, I am looking to speak with an experienced real estate agent in the San Antonio, Texas area of whom has background in multi-family properties. I am interested in working with someone familiar with BP's methods and interested in working with someone wanting to acquire as many units as possible. I am wanting to do buy and hold, possibly rehab needed, 4-plexes to start.

Please message me if you have any recommendations for an agent in my area or are one yourself. Thank you!

Good luck with your investing program.  Just a note though since you mentioned you were looking for as many units as possible.  If you buy 4-plexes they will be considered "residential" for financing purposes whereas all over 5-units would be considered "commercial".

Thanks for your response, Alan. As you mention financing purposes, are you stating that because there's a benefit to one over the other, or just that there is a difference? 

@Jake I.   pretty basic when it comes to investing the 4 door rule and the 5 door rule don't say that to any agent you run across they will know your a little green.

1 to 4 banks look at as resi type loans... 5 doors or more are commercial.. generally speaking unless your a very high w 2 wage earner or very cashed up 1099 earner more than 4 resi loans is tough.

once you pop into 5 doors or more and commercial the financing becomes completely different.

All agents that do commercial real estate are investor friendly that's all they do.. so you don't need to specify that again showing your experience level is important if you want the best agents working with you.. if the commercial agents even get a wiff of a newbie your not going to be dealing with the best ones.

The term investor friendly agent as its used on BP is generally a RESI agent who will write a bunch of offers for you in the hopes that something sticks  :)