18 year old agent!

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Hello BiggerPockets,

My name is Mateus Silva and I have currently been an agent since November 3rd. It has been everything and more that I have anticipated since a child, I am simply in love! Since my first day in the office I was on my own no mentor no guidance due to a poor pick of an office but I figured its not my office working its me so who cares right? After my first week I had nailed two listing agreements on my own, the following week I had put a double Multi family I had listed under contract! Closing is scheduled for next week I cant imagine how I will feel receiving my first commission check. After my closing I will be going to a exceptional property real estate firm William Raveis I am making the move because I felt as though I was left to drown in the crazy sea of real estate by my sponsoring broker who was always absent when needed. I know William Raveis has amazing programs in place to allow me to explode into million dollar properties and more but I want to go in already ahead with some tips in selling/listing Luxury Homes and attaining Luxury buyers to use you and not the other agent! 

A little about me, I am 18 years old graduated High School class of 2015(Honors). I work full-time as an agent/father(4 months old) and will continue to do so. I love cold calls and door to door farming, I am in love with real estate. I'm incredibly knowledgeable on  styles of homes to the history of the home, I am fluent in English,Portuguese,Spanish, and I dabble a bit in Italian. I come from family that deals with property rehab(flipping,buying to fix and hold etc.) with decent rental portfolios and also some family members in Brazil have large developments in the midst as we speak. I don't know if any of this may help but all I am asking is for Advice,Stories,Experiences,Tips,things you'd do if you were in my shoes etc.

P.S. I picked my first agency out of excitement my first ever interview and I picked it ended up being an agency that specialized in foreclosure properties but that wasn't what I wanted to associate myself with. I want to wear gorgeous tailored suits and show exceptional properties like I've dreamt of so I joined with a company that could do so and mentor/teach me the ropes my mentor currently has a dozen multi million dollar listings.

I just think it is cool you are 18 and moving full steam ahead in real estate.  Mostly because my son is going to be ready to get his license when he is 18.   You seem smart and very motivated, so you may want to consider a discount broker and learn on your own.  I just think it is hard to find the type of broker you describe.   They will say they will do what you want but I would have my doubts.  Maybe someone here will prove me wrong.    The down fall to a discount broker may be that you dont have a lot of supervision regarding proper contracts, law etc.  Start with the book The Million Dollar Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller.   I also really enjoy Mike Ferry stuff.   

Rock it, Mateus!

Sounds like you're doing more business in your first month than most agents ever do in their RE career (most agents never sell anything).

Thank you @David Hunter , and @Gary Parker the mentor I will be given is the office administrator and also top producer she told me she would be teaching me things from town history,handling off market deals, marketing to luxury buyers and sellers(international as well), also how to handle floor time seeing everyone in the brokerage is over 50 and no longer have the enthusiasm to continue doing floor time so Ill have it 100% of the time, and many more things.

Nicely done! I am Raveis now in the Marblehead office (also, a newer agent). Sounds like you are going to do great things with the company and for yourself. Remember to pick up some properties of your own along the way. Good Luck!  

Oh I intend to already have my first month planned out neighborhoods to farm, numbers that aren't under "do not call" list to call, FSBO's to hunt and persuade, also explode my advertising and marketing in the areas I have in mind to gain my own buyers sellers developers etc!

Also I'd love advice on sitting open houses for agents in turn for the rights of prospective buyers and sellers !