Getting Listings

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I tried Expired and found that is not me due to what agents go tgrouch to get these listings. What is working for you guys beside expired and what do u do ? 

I think maybe mailing the FSBO is the safe way to do it. This may be a stretch and will require legwork but targeting neighborhoods and finding homes that are the ugly homes in the area. Sending them letters or even striking up conversation if you can. One other thing is by checking in the master commissioners office for potential foreclosures. That is how I would try and buy homes for the investment purpose. Maybe it could work for getting listings.

I am not a agent yet but will be next month so that is one thing I want to try.

I started texting and emailing FSBO and have gotten a few responses so far. Whichever tactic you use, make sure to do it daily as it may take 100 emails to get 1 person who may just speak to you about listing.

Also continue marketing to your SOI (sphere of influence) so that whenever they think of real estate they think of you and hopefully refer you to others.

Go back to targeting expireds, but be different than all the other agents around.

Offer something of value... a free home seller's guide (I've mentioned this a gazillion times on here)!!!

Send them direct mail.  Pick up the phone and call.  Be different.  :-)

@Jen Dembele I have the best luck with calling/emailing FSBO's. Expireds are good because at least you know they are willing to list with an agent but it obviously expired for a reason and in my market it's because it was overpriced. So now you have to talk that seller into lowering their price and listing with you over the other 100 agents that have called them already. I have good luck targeting the FSBO's on craigslist that have very poor listings. Maybe just a headline that says "House for sale" and no pictures or hardly any info. It's clear these people have no idea how to market and need help. I have converted two of these in the last 2 weeks. I am also in the process of gaining a listing from a custom home builder that I called from zillow. I asked him if I could show his house to a client, it wasn't a fit for them but he agreed to let me list it after a couple of conversations. This guy just wanted to hear compliments about how nice the house was (it was very nice).

Referrals are likely the best source of listings as this has happened several times to me this year but obviously you have to walk before you can run. The last idea is to be willing to discount your commission. Some agents will disagree but if you call 40 expireds a day and you are no different than the last agent that called them what are your honest chances of getting the listing. Ask them if they would be interested if you would be willing to negotiate your commission. 1.5% of a $300,000 sale is better than 0% and this is also a good way to build up a clientele base that leads to referrals. 

I myself discount my commission all the time and I went from 0 listings in 2014 to over 17 in 2015 and closed on another 10 houses for buyers mostly coming from the listings I sold. They have to move somewhere once their house sells :) 

Be Different, good luck. 

Expireds are awesome.  It can take time to get better at setting appointments with them, but it ABSOLUTELY CAN BE DONE.  You just need enough practice and you will get them.  I'd love to connect with you and send over some scripts that I use for when calling expireds.

FSBOs are incredible for getting business as well. If you practice and role-play enough, you can have conversion rates of 25%+. And, at least in my opinion, if a FSBO is on the DNC list and has their phone number published to sell their house, why is it illegal to call them? You are calling about the sale of their house... and can create scripts to reflect that. For example "Hi this is Matt Lefebvre with Keller Williams Realty, I was calling to see if the house on 123 Main Street is still for sale." is absolutely not against any DNC rule... You are calling to inquire about the status of their house, learn more about the listing, and then offer to come over and preview it for your clients.

I strongly believe on prospecting for business on the phone.  Its cheap (or even free) and effective.  I'd love to connect with you if you'd like some more advice about phone-based prospecting :)

Agree with Matt. When calling a FSBO I've had them mention they were on the DNC list before and I just remind them they placed an ad to sell their home and as an agent it's my job to know about all the homes in the area. Also I let them know that buyers actually are responsible for the commissions on FSBO homes and so they have no obligation to pay me. Although they usually are willing to after I meet with them.