Cold Calling/Phone Number Providers/Power Dialer

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Hello Biggerpockets!

I want to do some cold calling. I've done some research and it seems there is so many list providers and power dialers. I'm going crazy trying to wrap my head around everything.

I want to cold call random homeowners in certain areas everyday. Who is the best list provider that provides phone numbers based on geographical areas. I have heard Cole Information is the leader for this service. 

I have also heard of TheRedX, ArchAgent, and Vulcan 7. Apparantly they offer phone numbers for expireds and foreclosures based on MLS's and counties.

Numbers for expireds and foreclosures would be great, but I definitely want straight up cold and random phone numbers too. 

I also pay for a list of properties with the homeowner's name, where a lis pendens has been filed. Is there any service where I can give them this list, and they can do the leg work to find the phone numbers?

Also can someone explain to me more about a power dialer

Is there a one stop shop company that can provide me with phone numbers based on location, expireds, foreclosures, and an integrated power dialer?

I hope this thread can help other newbies agents like me. The past couple months have been crazy for me. I want to become a rock star agent and I believe cold calling is a great marketing technique to explore besides door knocking and mass mailing. 

Thanks in advance everyone

Well there are a lot of options for you. If you want to cold call randoms in nice neighborhoods go with Cole Information and a Mojo 3 line dialer. That's the best neighborhood cold calling setup out there. 

For expireds? Vulcan 7 hands down. 

Fsbos? Doesn't really matter I use Vulcan 7 but my best FSBO calls come from signs in yards where people haven't listed the house online yet.

Sorry missed part of the question. Power dialers are programs where I log into a cloud based system on my computer and setup a list of people I want to call. Then I call into 1 number the system gives me and the subsequent calls are made from my PC. Very simple. 

All in 1 system? Vulcan 7 integrated with cole hands down best option. Mojo is 3 times as fast though if you mainly plan on circle prospecting. What's your budget and your goal?

@Matt Cramer

Thank you so much! I did my research the past two days, based off what you said, and I now understand data providers and dialers a lot better. 

Based on what I have learned, I definitely want to eventually use a dialer (mojo 3) and cole information for straight random cold calling. My goal is to call 100 numbers a day and generate leads that way. I may have to start with looking up numbers on my own, as I don't really have money to invest in cole information and mojo. I realized they are very expensive.

However, I was wondering if you can tell me more of the benefit of using something like vulcan 7 or TheRedX when it comes to expireds, FSBOs, and foreclosures?

I check the MLS everyday for new properties on the market and expireds. I take note, and if the expired property isn't too far, I go knock on its door. I do the same for FSBO's & foreclosures; I think nothing will beat door knocking.

But it does get very time consuming and I get pissed when I dedicate a day to door knocking and no one answers the door! So I see the benefit of simply calling. 

So can you tell me the quality of these phone numbers for Expireds, FSBO's and foreclosures?

Also, I saw that MOJO offers a REVERSE LOOK UP SERVICE. If I give them a list of properties they will find the numbers for them. I see this as a great tool since I already have access to expireds through the MLS and I buy lists of lis pendens in NJ. Do you know of the quality of this service? MOJO said it is not as good as their own Expired/Foreclosure generated lists, but I'll rather door knock on the properties with the best potential and call properties that are farther than a 30 min drive for me. Do you know of any other companies that offers a reverse look up service if I give them a list of properties.

Sorry for the long response, thanks in advance!