Schooling for real estate brokers in Illinois

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I am working part time time now and I finally want to and can sign up for real estate school. I was wondering if anyone took an online course ( Real Estate School of Illinois) and has opinions about it/personal experience  or maybe some other online course that you can recommend?  I can't attend classes right now and I have to do it online at home.  I researched some of the  online schools and that one seems like it's an ok school to take online? I don't want to spend time on school that will waste my time or not give me enough material that I need to pass the final test. 

Thank you 

Hey @Kasia Sliwa ,

Check out I have done some continuing education through them and have recently referred them out to another investor looking to get his license.  It's a great move to get it, let me know if you have any questions and good luck!