Question for All Florida Real Estate Agents

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Hello BP friends. My wife is currently working on her Florida Real Estate license. She was a Realtor in Virginia before we recently relocated to the Jacksonville area. We're looking to find out which Brokerages are the most highly recommended.

So, if you wouldn't mind...

What brokerage do you recommend and WHY? I'd love to hear about the general working environment, the commission split structure and any office or desk fees. Does the brokerage require office hours? If so, how many days are mandated? Anything else that sets your particular favorite brokerage apart from the rest?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Walter Key , I would have to recommend Keller Williams as a brokerage of choice down in Florida.  I'm up in NH and the owners of my market center here, also own and operate a market center down on Marco Island, so I do have an idea of what the brokerage landscape is like.  

The culture at KW is amazing.  I love where I work and there's a huge feel of cooperation and connectedness with your fellow agents.  And of course, the amazing national events that they have just go to showcase that.  In addition, their education is top notch and beyond compare.  They're ranked the number one training organization in the industry for a reason!  

As for desk fees and commission splits, I couldn't tell you the specifics unless I knew the exact market center you were at.  However, our commission split always has a "cap" attached to it.  So once you pay a certain amount of commission to the company, you get to keep 100% of your commission for the rest of the year, which is definitely a huge feature for top producing agents.  

Because they're hiring you as an independent contractor, there is no obligation in terms of attendance, or hours worked, or any of that.  You run your own business and do what you want, when you want, where you want.

If you want to know a little more than I can type in a single message, I'd be happy to talk over PM or have a conversation over the phone with you and your wife :)

@Walter Key , my wife is a local Keller Williams agent and would be happy to give your wife the local scoop if she would like to call her or have coffee sometime. Lisa Kemp, Keller Williams Atlantic Partners. PM me if she would like her number. BP won't let me post that. She has the same opinion of the local culture as Matt seems to.

They're all different but what's more important more than splits, desk fees, or any of that jazz is training.

You need a shop with a good training structure. Weichert has a good one and I heard Keller does as well. Have her ask about the training program and review those for choosing your first one