New Agent in Boston, MA area!!!

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Hello Bigger Pockets! I started last week with Keller Williams. I'm so happy and excited to be living out my dreams. My first order of business is to get a professional head shot, get some business cards and start marketing and networking like crazy. I want to start by sending out hand written letters to expireds and FSBO's, and a little door knocking to go along with it. I also want to reach out to busy agents and try and work some open houses. I'm also working on setting up my website along with social media. Loving it so far! Would love to connect and network with other people in my area! I would love to hear from any veterans who have advice they would like to share.

How's it going @Sarah McCoy welcome to BP! I'm fairly new to BP so I want to connect with as much people possible. I am a investor in the Boston area. If you happen to come across good investment properties in the Boston or surrounding areas let me know ! PM me so we can swap contact information.

Hey Sarah how have you been doing since you started this thread a few months ago?  If you need a good lender I can help you with that and if you would like to come up with some good marketing techniques I can also help you with that as well!

Hey @Ryan Catrambone , sorry I missed your post.  I'm doing decent, I actually just got my first listing yesterday!! So exciting.  I'm open to coming up with marketing techniques, absolutely.  I'm having luck with facebook ads lately, what do you use? I also signed up for 6 months on Zillow, TBD if it is worth the investment. Let me know, you can also shoot me an email!