Looking for a real estate agent in Fairfield County, CT

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Hi All,

I am currently looking for an investor friendly agent in Fairfield County CT.  I haven't had much luck with the agents I have reached out to thus far.  I am looking for cash flow properties, single family or multi family, currently focused on Bridgeport, but am open to other cities/towns.  I have been pre-approved for a 200k loan and have an additional 40k for rehab.  Please reach out if you are, or know any realtors in the area that would be able to assist in my search.

Thanks a lot!
Matt Irvine

Hi Matthew
Shoot me a message as I can send a good investor agent for your target area.


Diane Vince. Look her up tell her you were on BP. I'm sorry I don't have her number. I have not been in CT in some time now.

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