Starting a property management company?

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Hello, I'm a newbie on BP still feeling my way around.
We have two rentals we've had for years and I've always self managed. I recently passed my RE exam, which I mainly pursued because of wanting to buy more investments, but I'm also interested in managing properties for others.

I'm located in CA which requires one to have a broker license for PM, however I have seen a few PM's who do not have a broker license, but are owners of PM companies operating under someone else's broker license.

I have yet to find a broker who allows this so wanted to see if anyone here has any information on how this works and where I should look? Or perhaps I should wait out my time to sit for the broker exam...but if there's a way to get started sooner I'd like to try.


I would suggest researching who the broker(s) is that is allowing those PM companies to operate under their license. I know here in TX there are discount brokers that will allow you to operate a PM company under their license, maybe there is a similar company there in CA.