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I know of subscriptions, landvoice, redx, archagent, vulcan7, mojosells. 

And I have tried out a couple of them.

I wish I had started using them earlier! Prospecting is key when it comes to real estate (these are FSBO and Expireds, not necessarily REI)

I know this is a pretty old thread, piping in anyway as I've used several of these platforms.

Vulcan7-  Generally speaking has the best phone numbers and is very easy to use. Dialer is pretty slow.

MojoSells- terrible numbers, but amazing 3 line dialer.  Many agents sync vulcan/redx/landvoice to Mojo to make calls.

RedX- For a while I had an assistant calling leads on Redx storm dialer while I was calling on Vulcan. We found Vulcan had better numbers and I was contacting more true owners.  However, Redx allows you to pull old listings with an manual import (up to 2000 a month) which is really useful. Specifically for this forum, you could pull old expired fixer listings, or any parameters you want and add them to Redx. I believe you could send Vulcan a list of old addresses, but they will charge you  50 cents per lookup.  Redx has a new upgrade called Onxy which is supposed to have better phone numbers. I'm testing it out and still think overall the V7 numbers are better, although Redx did give me several numbers that were correct that Vulcan didn't have.  Redx is also about to release a 3 line dialer.

Land voice- A while back someone told me that Land Voice basically had the same data as Vulcan 7. I checked it out the upgraded land voice data for a week or so and it was similar. The problem the system was really unusable and you would have to sync to a dialer.  Haven't looked into it since.

Ultimately, each has pros and cons. I think any of them can be used successfully if you work at it daily.