Middle Tennessee RE Agents:)

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I'm an investor already in West Texas, but we're expanding into the Nashville and surrounding area. We are doing a lot of marketing and are looking for a real estate agent(s) in the area to refer some of our customers to where we're not their best option. We're looking for people who we know we can trust will take of the customers we refer and in return run the occasional comp on properties if we need it. Looking forward to working with some of you!:)

Hey Sawyer, I'm an agent out here and specialize in investments and working with investors. There are agents much more familiar with the city of Nashville than I am, but if you have clients looking between Franklin and Columbia let me know!

Hey @Sawyer Pace .  I'm a Nashville native and agent on the north side of Nashville in Hendersonville and Gallatin.  I think of myself as an investor because that's my end goal, but I've become an agent for the benefits it provides to being an investor.  If you need help on the north side of Nashville, I would love to help.

Hi Sawyer, I am a Nashville native and work mostly on the south side of Nashville; specifically Brentwood, Franklin, and Nolensville, but have worked downtown as well. Look forward to hearing how I can help!

Hi Sawyer,

I am a newer agent that works with investors here in Nashville. I work mostly in the metro areas of Nashville and would love to help out with anything you may need. Look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Hi Sawyer,

I know I'm a little late to the conversation, but I am a real estate agent that specializes in investment properties all over the greater Nashville area.  I have quite a large inventory of properties to choose from, and would love to help in any way I can!