Been in the Business for a Month. Got my first listing.

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Good day all,

I have been in the real estate business for close to a month now and just secured my first residential listing as a listing RE agent.

I was seeking any feedback or advice regarding promoting, marketing and different ways to close this listing successfully.

Unfortunately, the town the listing is in the rules prohibit the display of "for sale signs" and "open house signs" therefore, I am only relying on the MLS to setup open houses / broker open houses, as well as using other marketing websites, word of mouth and door -to- door promotions by making "just listed flyers" and going into the neighborhood to promote the listing and even social media.

Any other approach or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading and replying.

Congrats on your first listing. One thing i always have to remind myself, all the marketing in the world wont help if you don't have the house listed at the right price. I have seen even the word marketed houses sell super quick because they are priced accurately. Be sure you are getting the listing in front of people social media is great you can even "boost" a post and get it in front of thousands for not much money at all. After that be sure you track all the feedback and really watch the area. Find out what else is selling and why. Become an expert in that area then if your seller questions why you haven't sold it yet you have facts to back up a price drop or whatever is needed. Best of luck hope it goes great and use this first listing to bring in more business. Keep track of all calls that come in on the property you may be able to help them find another house. 

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