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I will be getting my real estate license in California very soon. My goal is to be able to quickly view properties and submit offers for myself. I don't plan to be a buyer or seller agent for now, since i have a full time job. What should I do or need to do to be able to access the MLS and get a key box for access?

What kind of broker should I be looking for to park my license? Are there any fees or other cost I should think about? If they later I decide to list an property I find what should I do?

If anyone have any suggestions of brokers I can park my license in California bay area please let me know.

Hey @Taye N.

This is an interesting question. Look for one of your local realtor associations to join. They can probably give you more info on MLS access - this is very location specific.

As for hanging your license. You could either be a broker yourself and thus save on the fees you'd pay an established broker. Or, you could hang your license with a small brokerage with a good commission split. The larger the brokerage, typically, the more you'll pay the brokerage. Some of them, regardless of size, have desk fees that you'd pay no matter what - so be sure to ask the brokerage what the fees are.

If you find a property that needs to be listed to the MLS and you don't want to list it yourself, you can always give it to another agent and collect a referral fee. Standard fee is 25% of the agent's commission.

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