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Good Afternoon,

I'm a newly licensed Real estate agent. The reason I obtained my license were strictly for investing purposes. I then came to realize I might as well make a career out of it. I am searching for a Broker to work under here in Las Vegas, NV. I'm looking for a broker that is going to help me succeed in all aspects of my real estate career, but not only that I want to help the company grow. I'm eager to learn. If any brokers/investors are searching for a real estate agent please contact me. 

Jasmine Flores

Congratulations! Getting my real estate license has been a tremendous help in growing in the real estate investing world. Best of luck to you

Hey Jasmine - I'm with Realty One Group and they are pretty fantastic. Send me a PM and I will give you the info!

Congratulations on getting your license!

Elizabeth Moore

Hi @John Mathewson - I'm curious what worked best for you when you first listed your salesperson license with a qualifying broker (assuming Indiana RE law requires you had to do that?) ... Did you cut them a % of commission or pay a flat fee for "support" as you got underway? I've got a few rentals properties already, just passed my RE salesperson exam this morning and lining up a few interviews starting tomorrow with a few of the larger companies here in town.  They appear to have the best tools / most listings and (I think) could offer me the most support now that I'll be doing deals on my own.  Thoughts?  Much appreciated!  


@Jasmine Flores @Becca Shaw I'm currently in the process myself of getting my RE license in California. Just finished RE principles and should have my license by the end of December. Now that I'm getting closer I wanted to get some input from both of you as I will soon have to find a broker myself. Since I have a full-time career that is my main source of income but looking to invest in rental properties, I worry that many brokerages may be turned off to the amount of time I will be able to commit. Would love to hear your experiences and what you decided to look for in your brokers! Best of luck to both of you.

Hi Mark,

I do real estate part time as well in CA and I recommend

Good luck!


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