Are new real estate agents guaranteed to get payed if they work

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for a real estate business. I know its a dumb question, but curious. I'm a freshmen at college who'll graduate in 3 years, but want to finish and find a job that can pay me well. Thank you

no it is a 100% commission you dont get paid until you sell a property That is the reason you need to have 6 months reserves until you can start producing income 

@Jose Morales if you are looking to be a real estate agent full time I would say drop out of school now. I am a full time agent at 20 years old and dropped out of college after my first year. Obviously college is great for certain careers, but they cannot teach you the art of negotiation or lead generation which is what your first few months/years is in the business. My family has supported me 100% which I am so thankful for but I know that is not the case for some people. Please DM me if you want to learn more, would love to talk

If you have a Redfin agency near you, they pay their contract writing agents a salary plus bonuses. This would be the only way to get paid before making a sale. 

That, or you could sell timeshare. Often, you can get front money in timeshare sales. Especially if you're willing to travel outside the USA to do it. I sold timeshare in Mexico for a season and did VERY well. 

You could earn a salary or an hourly wage if you went to work for a real estate agent or team as a real estate assistant or a transaction coordinator. Many people start there then work their way into selling. This gives them a safe salary to live on while they are learning the game. 

Don't be discouraged by the "only/old" way of doing things. There are always options. You only have to make them useful to your needs. 

Word of advice. This business is not an easy money business. Something like 87% of agents fail in their first few years. Discover what YOU LOVE to do, and follow it. If that passion is real estate, then go for it.

You can still get your license while you are in school. Then look for an internship or job in a RE office. See if you like it first before coming an agent.

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