Finding a quality realtor?

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How to find a quality realtor and what questions you should ask?

have you been looking? what kind of questions are you asking?

are you a qualified buyer?

First of all, you need find out what others have to say about the agent. So, ask a realtor for references. Call a few of the references and ask previous clients about their experiences with the agent. 

You can also ask a real estate agent whether they work full-time or part-time. It’s important to know when realtor will be available. Also inquire how many homes have they closed in your neighborhood. Ask how many years of education and experience do they have.

My priorities before I became an agent, myself, was to ask if they invest or have investment experience as many agents are used to dealing with owner-occupied, which have different priorities from investors; if they have a problem writing offers for much less than asking price (some do, although they are supposed to submit all offers for their clients, even low ones); if they require exclusive buyer-broker as I won't sign one of those (I will sign for the specific properties they show me, but not exclusive); and what, if any, of their fees are as I've found some firms like to surprise you with weird administrative fees as a buyer once you've asked them to write an offer for you, which I find objectionable.  The last agent we used for a purchase seemed great, then at the last minute wanted us to sign stating we'd pay a $150 fee to her firm as some administrative fee, payable even if it didn't close.  No, thank you.  I actually told her to not even write the offer unless she waived the fee, that I'd rather walk away and find another agent and another property.  She waived it (which I'm sure she would not have done had we signed exclusive buyer/broker).  We bought the house.  I don't like "stupid" fees, especially from an agent who is already going to make 3%.    So I became an agent and found a great broker and avoided the hassles for the next one.      

@Account Closed I have written a blog post that might help you out. Click the link below to read :)

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