Needing a broker in Dallas to hang my license with

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Looking for a good broker I can hang my license with in North Dallas. Needs to be a small brokerage that will allow me to do property management and willing to do 100% commission (can do a transaction fee or monthly fee). Really just looking for someone who will let me do my own thing but is available if I have questions. I'm not a full time realtor but a real estate developer who will also be doing property management and helping friends and family with realty services when they need it. 

Please send me a message or refer me to someone you think might be a good fit. Thank you!

I have a really good connect there; I'll DM You

Hi, I'm John in McKinney...a 15 year flipper and just getting my license.  Can you refer your broker as I'm looking for an investor friendly broker.

Hi @John Berg .  I actually lived in Melissa for almost a decade and can recommend two different brokerages for you.  One is a small brokerage that is hands on, but does not offer as much.  The other is a larger and offers significantly more in terms of technology and support.  DM me if you would like to hear more about either one. 

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