What am I doing wrong?

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I keep approaching agents and offering to pay for CMA's. I haven't been trying to lowball but trying find a price they thought was fair. But they always usually just tell me that they won't charge me ( as in this one time) but I to be able to do it when needed and not waste their time either.

If you list with us, we don't charge you.  If you don't list with us, we'll either charge or refer you on to someone else.   How much are you offering?

@Shawn Crawley if you're talking about cmas for you to figure out value on a property that you're buying, and you're not using that broker as your buyers broker then few people will want to do this for you. Even if you pay them. You could try newbie agents willing to do it but then you have some risk as to their knowledge. You could always tell them that they will get the listing when you sell (if flipping), that would give them some incentive.

My recommendation would be to learn the market and you can do a reasonably close CMA using just free tools that are available. MLS certainly is better but if you can get licensed yourself with access then the free tools can get you close enough.

@Zach Sikes I tried let them do the pricing not wanting lowball

@Derek Carroll I agree I think me learning how to do close comparisons to CMA's is my best bet

@Shawn Crawley Where are you finding these agents? If they are just random agents, most of the time they don't understand what you're trying to do. So they don't see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

You need to find some local investor meetings in your area and go talk to people that understands your business and what you're trying to accomplish. There are usually a ton of agents there willing to help out and because they understand that their efforts now will bring profits in the future, they're more willing to help.

Secondly, there are software systems here in Texas that non-licensed real estate people can access sold comps. Ask some investors in your area about if they know of any software you can sign-up for and be able to access comps. You might find out that the software will be a lot cheaper than paying an agent on a per CMA basis. You have to always be running numbers and making offers in order to scale your business. You're putting handcuffs on your business being reliant upon someone else to get you comps in a timely manner.

Hope this helps...

@Shawn Crawley ,

If you can establish a relationship with an agent, you may find them willing to help you not only determine property values via CMAs, they may let you know when a property comes up before it gets listed.

Just a thought ...

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