Investor Friendly Agent?

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I'm a fairly new agent and a newbie investor, currently looking for my first flip.  I have been working on the retail side of real estate and really don't care for it.  I'm thinking of using my license only for the purpose of buying and selling investment properties myself, and helping other investors do the same (which could attract some retail clients, which is extra income).  I'm currently with a big brand broker.  My question is...does it make sense to move to a 100% commission split broker to save commissions or is it worth staying with the brand name?  Does anyone have experience with the virtual brokers, e.g., REeBroker, Virtual Realty Group?  Appreciate your advise and insight!  

There is a HomeSmart fairly close to you.  Give them a call.  You pay per transaction, and there is a small desk fee per month.  I just got my license a couple months ago and am super happy with HomeSmart RE Associates - Seattle.

thanks @Mary Shea .  I will check them out!

I'm curious how investors feel about working with realtors in big brand firms (Coldwell Banker) vs pay-per-transaction firms (HomeSmart).  Obviously, the commissions are higher with the bigger brokerages. But, if investment transactions, like listing my own fix and flip properties, leads to retail business, then I see advantages to staying with a bigger firm.  I guess there are pros and cons.  Thoughts?

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