Looking to get my RE license in Illinois.

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Any suggestions on which company/school to use?

I went online and did it at http://www.ilrealestateschool.com/broker/

Also i think you can go to any community college and they have classes ad well as Keller Williams in Barrington offers classes, they just take longer that online class. 

Good luck ! :)

I would recommend Illinois Association of Realtors 


I am getting my real estate education through a local school and it is all online with in person breakout classes taught by professionals that have earned over $1Million doing what they teach. The education is constantly updated and accessible for life. Let me know if you are interested in more information.

Craig Lawrence 

Baird & Warner in Downers Grove offers classes and that's where I took my classes

I went through Illinois Realtors:


Did the Home Study for the 75 hours, then a webinar class for the 15 hours, about to take my proctored exams and then onto the state test. They did a pretty good job with everything so far. I have found that not alot of places actually explain the process.. so just so you know.

75 hours of study, then a proctored exam.

15 hours of in-person study (could be a webinar), then another proctored exam.

THEN the state exam. 

I am taking both proctored exams in the same day so I don't have to take more time off of work. Wherever you end up deciding to go to with, they should provide you a list of approved locations to take the proctored exams, then you have to call the locations and set it up.

What are the costs to get Licensed?  Both initial costs and ongoing fees?

@Greg Barbre , the courses I took were $365 for the 75-hour and $165 for the 15-hour portions, I believe. There was a small fee (less than $100) from AMP to take the actual licensing exam. I then paid a total of about $1300 for my first year (MLS and Realtor dues).

Thanks Brian!

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