What would a RE Agent expect to get paid for bringing an REO listing to a Broker?

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Hi all,

Had a a situation while networking with a RE broker (one of the top guys down here..very efficient, a bulldog!) the other day. I had explained that i had several established contacts at banks across the country and many in S Florida(mitigation, special assets dept, etc..). let him know that I was pretty efficient with making these contacts/relationships and was trying to find a happy medium on pricing expectations between buyer and seller. Since i was focusing on wholesaling these deals he told me that I should get my RE lic and get REO listings instead (which btw, had been offered to me before directly from banks in the process of looking for pools of Non Perf. Notes and REO's).I know BPO's are usually the route most agents will take in the hopes of landing that listing but that's obviously not the only way. Anyway, I think there is a huge niche here for me

So I was just curious as to what i could expect in the form commission.

You can negotiate your split with the broker, even if not working with REOs. But if you can produce the numbers, the broker should be willing to let you get a better split.