Oregon Real Estate Study Course?

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Oregon Real Estate licensing course - Which have you used? Pros and Cons?


I am currently enrolled and working through the OnlineEd Exam Prep Bundle.


It cost $439. This one just seemed straightforward and sufficient to get the required 150 hours of education. Features as per website are:

"online text, online audio, online flashcards, practice tests, test simulator, proactive instructor, PDF eBook, Exam Prep Book"

I’ve found the web interface easy to use so far. There is a time limit on course material availability of 240 days, so there is incentive to get it done in reasonable time. The online modules track your hours to ensure full compliance with the 150 hours (as long as your pages don't time out) :). The “proactive instructor” has thus far just been encouraging words via email when I successfully complete a required test/quiz, but I have only been doing this for a couple weeks.

Pros (for me):
all online
Hard copy prep material
Easy interface

Cons (possibly):
No resident-style course interaction
Not the least expensive option
Time limit?

Overall I am satisfied so far. I’ll update this feed if that changes.