Crash Course for Salesperson test (California)

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Hello Folks,

I have my test scheduled on a Monday. I assume it's best to take the crash course on Saturday/Sunday? Can you guys recommend some companies to look at for the course? I'm in the Los Angeles area.

Thanks a bunch!

@Baxter Wilson

Attended ReTrainers 2-day exam crash course last weekend and passed my exam this past Tuesday on the 29th.

What you'll receive in the 2 day training and with so much info it will be very beneficial.

Google "Retrainers" as a keyword and their website will have all the detailed information you seek..

Good luck...

I went through RETrainers over the weekend and took my exam today. I passed! Thanks again for the suggestions everyone.

One thing, will you ever be able to find out what percent you got on the exam? 

i am curious to know! 

Pass only,they never tell you your passing score because they don't want you to dwell on it or bug them about what answers you got wrong.Congratulations on joining our California club!