Looking to hang my real estate license with local broker (NY/ CT)

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Hello - 

I am looking to hang my real estate license with a real estate broker.  I am looking to work part-time as an agent.  I want to use my license to have access to the MLS and to buy investment properties for my portfolio.  (I live in NYC and invest in CT.)  

Can anyone recommend a brokerage firm? 

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am with Keller William and was with another agency prior. I like KW for pay scale and flexibility they allow. Great training opportunities as well. Offices policies will vary but KW brand seems to be all around welcoming to agents working part time and investing. Ultimately it will come down to the office and what policy/guidelines they aim for.

@Andrew H. what parts of Connecticut do you invest in? I am tied in with a broker in the northern part of CT, but that might be too far for you? 

@Andrew H. I can recommend Coldwell Banker, that is who I am affiliated with. They are for a reason one of the oldest and largest RE Brokerage firms in US with over a century in business.

Training program is really informative, especially if you consider having some agency business on a side of investment. 

Let me know if you are interested, I can get you referred to my branch manager