Best Georgia brokerage for investor / new RE salesperson

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What's up BP!

I am a newer investor (holding 9 doors across 6 properties, and 1 active flip). I decided to get my real estate license so I can:

-Show myself listed properties
-Make my own offers
-Sell my own properties on the MLS
-Occasionally list/sell property for family / friends

I have completed the coursework, and have been studying like crazy for my state exam (which is tomorrow).

I am looking for a brokerage in Georgia that would be a good fit for me. Obviously, and especially considering my goals, I would like to find a brokerage without desk fees and other monthly costs. And I would also like to keep as much transaction money as possible.

My question:

Does anyone have any recommendations? Are there some brokerages that are better suited to the types of RE activities in which I would like to participate? Better to go with a larger firm? Or a smaller office? Any specific recommendations?

Keller Williams is an awesome place to learn how to grow your business as an agent.  We have a lot of flippers and other RE investors at the office.  Most KW offices probably do not have ANY desks available so you wouldn't have a desk fee!  Other good options are Virtual Properties, and EXP Realty. Look them up!  Good luck on the State test!