Which is the best on-line Real Estate License Program?

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Hello Bigger Pockets!

I have recently been placed on a 12 week medical leave from my job. Having a great deal of time on my hands, I want to get my real estate license. I attempted this a year and a half ago and did not finish the course I had purchased. It ended up expiring. I was taking classes through Real Estate Trainers and liked the format. My question is about the 18 day waiting period to take the 3 individual course final exams. Is this common in all programs and if not, is there a program that is regarded as one of the better on-line programs out there allowing me to finish the study process in the allotted time that I have been given? I am in Northern California, Tracy to be exact. Also~are there consolidated classroom programs that are offered as well? Any guidance and help is appreciated. Thank you BP PEEPS.

I went through Rockwell and really liked it a lot.  The final exams were timed, meaning you only had a certain amount of time from start to finish on the exams, but I do not recall having to take them by a specific date.  The course did expire at a certain point, but I believe it was 1 year.  In my opinion, the more time you can devote to it, thus getting through the material in a shorter amount of days, the better you will do.  I worked full-time so I had to repeat some sections before I could take the chapter exams so it was fresh in my brain.

@Sean Mamola

When your ready to take the exam Real Estate Trainers has a great 2-day weekend exam crash course.

Took my exam in Sacramento on Aug 29th and passed. Results are given to you right then and there after the exam.

Congratulations is what was on my exam results which is what all I wanted to know. The BRE doesn't break down the category's on what you failed or on what you passed. It would've been nice to know so that I can work and study more on the subject matter... 

Jo-Ann Lapin thanks. Started the Real Estate Trainers program on Thursday and thanks for the get well wishes!

@Mary Shea- I wasn't clear with he question, I was referring to the 18 day waiting period between all exams! Thank you for the insight though!

@Mark Pedroza - Im looking to get to that crash course in Sacramento!!! Thanks! Good to know that they grade it right on the spot!

I did 360training.com. I thought it was pretty good, if you can stay disciplined. They had a groupon ;)

I also bought a state specific book of practice tests off Amazon for $7. Don't remember what it was called.

Chamberlain is online and has a crash course in the San Jose area.  The online portion was good and helpful.

The crash course was excellent, even if you don't take the course through them you can take their crash course.  I took my test a few weeks ago and passed.  The crash course is definitely worth the $150 and a weekend.