Relocating to Fort Wayne, IN

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My husband and I relocating from Dallas, TX to Fort Wayne, IN. Already started our pre-licensing courses and should have that done before moving.

Anyone here in Fort Wayne, IN?

What is the market like? Currently, we are in a very hot sellers market in DFW. Just wanting to know what to expect.

Any recommendations or tips to an experienced husband and wife team that is relocating there?

Fort Wayne has been a top 10 real estate market for the last few years now. It's an affordable city. Demand is high and supply is low with housing, so it's a competitive market for investors to find deals. For all buyers, houses normally sell fast if they are priced right based on their condition, location and features. Most of these priced right houses get offers immediately. Houses that sit on the market are usually the ones that are overpriced, need too much work and/or are not in a desired area. 

Your best bet in Fort Wayne is off market deals. All but one deal I have purchased in the last 2 years has been off market. Btw, welcome to Fort Wayne.

Second what Adam said above. You're going to struggle if you rely on MLS or other publicly available properties... the national "groups/brands" have descended on FW since we have been in the Top 10 for a few years now and crunched things up. This lack of inventory for investors is what made me stop flipping and start wholesaling in the area actually. Let me know if I can help. Welcome to the Fort!

Not much to add - these 3 guys nailed it. I've bought a few off MLS, but not very recently. Off-market is likely the way to go. It's a KILLER market though......I'm glad I had a great place to get started with my REI.

Let us know when you get here.  Lots of great networking here.....good support from peers.

Question to everyone who commented, what are your preferred methods to find off-market deals? Being an out of state investor, I've built a relationship with a PM, a few agents and contractors. I'm basically relying on them to send me deals but there aren't a huge amount coming my way.

Do you of any good deals now?

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