Does anybody have recent experience with Real Estate Express?

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In my location of small town Oklahoma there is no access to live real estate courses, which would be my first choice.
Better yet, almost none of the well know online real estate schools provide courses for Oklahoma licensure.
That leaves me with very few options. Real Estate Express who has hundreds of reviews claiming it is a scam, or "Charles Barnes" which I can't seem to find any information or reviews on.
Is RE Express as bad as the reviews are claiming it is? Does anybody see any way around this issue or know of any other online courses that offer Oklahoma licensure courses?

I haven't used them personally, but the Charles Barnes school is pretty highly recommended. They are out of Moore but offer online programs. Google them and you should find some reviews.

I just completed my courses about a month ago through Real Estate Express. I didn’t have a bad experience like any of the reviews said. I don’t know if it varies state to state. I cruised through it with no issues. My only thing with it is that it was hard for me to stay focused because it’s just reading slides for 90 hours whereas some of the other schools have videos and what not. That’s just a personal thing though. Overall I would recommend it for a viable online option.

You can go to DORA website and see how many people from each individual school took the test and then see what their pass/fail rate is ....when I got my license in Colorado, every school was around 60-70% pass rate, Except for Armbrust School of Real Estate. They had an 82% pass rate which was substantially above the rest. I went to their school which was slightly more expensive...end result is I passed the test with flying colors. I know of other people that failed doing the same thing but these are my personal results.

Real Estate express worked well for me. I took the test onfe and passed fine. They were easy and qhen I got stuck (only once on a test) the instructor I emailed helped me determine the areas I needed to study.  

Overall, very affordable and effective. 

@Jacob Barnhart  

I posted my review a little while back in another forum so below will be similar to that, but since then I’ve finished my post licensure course as well. Note that my review is for the Georgia course and states may have different regulations. 

I used Real Estate Express and I highly recommend them. Their system was easy to use. You have 6 mos to complete the course at your own pace. Everything was straight forward and I even found a great price on Groupon at the time (deals seem to run regularly).

I've since finished up my post-Licensure course (bought the Competitive Edge package). I received an additional 6 months to complete the post license after I activated it. Completed the whole course while stationed overseas. It was very easy to get the testing center here certified to do my online exam. Even got a response to comment from the instructor within 24 hours on a question I had. I passed both of my tests on the first go. I highly recommend using the practice tests (or the reviewing the end of chapter questions). 

In summary, great school, easy to use system, highly recommended, cost me less than $170 for pre and post-license course. 

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