How Do You Go Above and Beyond For Your Clients?

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Do you give a special gift (or set of gifts) to your buyers?

Do you give them a special experience during the buying/selling process in some way?

Do you make it fun for them some how?


I used to send a gift to my clients every year for Christmas. I had around 100 people so I tried to keep it under $15, including shipping. However, my company has grown and it's become too big of a task. Now we just send a card.

I also sent GC's to my clients at Christmas time.  I did a $50 card to a nice local restaurant.  I figured $50 isn't really anything when factored into the big scheme of things.  My broker just got these nice chefs knives made, which have our brokerage logo on them.  I think they were $75 a piece.  Again, small price to pay when you're talking $1000-$10000 in commission per sale.