Targeting FSBO's - Need some creative ideas

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I live in a ridiculously competitive market (6k agents in my one town) and want to start a program to target FSBO's. Now, my approach is going to be that I don't want their listing because I know they can sell it. I want their PURCHASE once they sell their home. I have a feeling that I will eventually get their listing anyway once they aren't having luck and they find a home they really like elsewhere.

I refuse to door knock because I think it severely cheapens our industry and I don't want to cold call constantly and annoy people the way Tom Ferry encoursages us to do. I can email, mail letters, etc..

I've done a similar approach with expired listings and had success although I am targeting them to relist their home. In that regard, I mean that I'm not cold calling or door knocking.

What do you fellow agents suggest as some content to send?

Chris, I would love to talk more with you about your strategy!! So, you are targeting expireds/FSBOs to say you want to help them buy their next house....not sell theirs, correct?

Check out Colton Lindsay on youtube. He has some awesome FSBO videos.

HI @Chris Farrugia

My common strategy is to go look at the house because frankly if I know a buyer I am glad it's not on the MLS (less competition) and I can get it at a cheaper price for them. Before I go I get an idea of what the true value is and see how far they are off. I have them show me the house and come up with what I feel it's real value is. From there I give them a hand, ask if they have a PCD, if not give them one. I might make them some flyers. I try and find some buyers to represent (not marketing the property but marketing the act of home buying to potential people in the area). I keep in contact every couple weeks to see if it is still available. I bring a few potential buyers in. If they end up deciding to list they already have a person to contact that they have been working with.

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