Best Real Estate Agent Online Courses?

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I'm looking to become a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles. Suggestions for the best Online courses?  Kaplan looked pretty thorough, but as a newcomer to real estate, I have no idea what to sign up for.  Does it matter where you study?  Assuming there is no prestige in one place over another.  Thanks!

Hey @Solomon Ganz , i just recently got my NY state RE License. I would recommend taking a class opposed to online. I was working full time and still made it work (nights and weekends). Once you do that check out YesMasters (kevin ward) and Both are great resources for helping pass your test.

Best of luck!

Hi Solomon. I took classes through 360training. I don’t think where you take the classes matters really, but I would recommend taking as many practice tests as you can/are willing to pay for. I was really frustrated with most of the practice tests as I thought they were worded strangely or purposely confusing, but they were very similar to the actual test. Using several different resources really helped me and I passed on first try. Best of luck! I used them for Online classes. I also took their 1 day in class crash course and passed the CA RE Exam the 1st time. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Hi @Solomon Ganz , I recently passed the MO RE Exam and I'd be happy to share my feedback. I cannot speak for the California state specific content, however assume the structure will be somewhat similar to Missouri. I took a local online course which provided solid instruction. I don't think it matters a great deal which online class you sign up for as long as you take your studying seriously. If you decide to take the class in person you can get done very quickly (in Missouri many class are two weeks or less). Taking the the class online I was able to finish in a month and half however I was able to work on it completely on my schedule which was a nice perk. I've heard from friends the online classes tend to be more difficult than many in person classes offered but I had no issue passing the online course. 

Best of luck in getting your license!

Solomon. Rockwell Institute has the highest student passing the state exam for WA & CA on the first try. They have online & classroom course. I highly recommend it. Google it!

I'm using RealEstate Express, it's pretty dry to be honest. If you decide to use it though, call them to get a better discount. I'll move to LA too and am working on the courses right now. Just like you, I quit a full time job with high pay. I don't know how it's going to turn out but I don't regret.

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