How do I get a broker to want (or let) me to work under them?

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So I have just started my studies to become a licensed agent, and I'm trying to be proactive and find the right broker to work with.

I was just turned down by my number one choice of brokerage because "The brokers have too much on their plates" at the moment.
I like to believe I present myself well and am well spoken and professional, so I was honestly surprised to not even get an interview.

I live in a small town with only a handful of brokerages so I can't exactly get turned down by very many before I'm out of options. There's maybe 8-10 brokerages and even less that I feel I would be a good fit at. I don't want to mess anything up by going to talk to any more of them before I possibly get a game plan figured out.

Any advice is appreciated.

I think that you need to focus on your studies and complete your licensing. Once you have your license then you can walk into these 10 brokerages and say that you're ready to work and then they'll bring you on and you can prove to them how good you are. Focus on your studies for right now though. 

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