Median Sales Price and Days on Market

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Hello!  I'm needing the Median Sales Price and Days on Market for several zip codes in my area of Louisiana.  I've not had any success with Trulia, Zillow and other RE sites.  I was wondering if any RE Agents or Brokers would be willing to help me with this information.  Being fairly new to RE investing, I'm not sure if this is an ethical question to ask... If it is not ethical, then I truly apologize and have learned from it, but if it is ethical, I would truly appreciate this information.

I'll just be brashly honest with you. The MLS has this data easily accessible (very specifically too, by zip codes and stuff). Any local agent can give you this info. It is not unethical to ask at all, just ask! It's not a big deal.

Keep in mind though that from an agent's perspective, they don't get paid until a deal closes. So agents (especially the ones that are busy because they are GOOD at what they do) are not always super excited to take a bunch of their time to provide random people they've never met with MLS info (it costs thousands a year to be licensed and on the MLS) and free investment advice.

However, most agents are nice enough to do that if you just ask.  The info you are looking for is not very hard to look up and forward.  If you email a few agents and some don't respond, it may be for the reasons I stated above.  If you ask an agent for a bunch of info, pick their brain, ask for advice, etc. just make sure you make it worth it for them in the end by using that agent for the purchase in the future.  Best of luck with your investment plans!

@Max Gradowitz... I appreciate your honest answer. I have once used an agent for this type of information, for a recent analysis of a marketing campaign I’m about to run, and mentioned to her that I’d reward her a generous finder’s fee for each property I get under contract as well as to give her first shot at any listing she would be interested in. I will definitely follow through with my word as soon as I get the results.
I’m wanting to do another market analysis with different zip codes, of which I will offer the same finder’s fee and listing opportunity for each contracted property to any agent willing to help me with the MSP and DOM information.
Max, thanks again for your honest and valued input.

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