Online Leads - working for you?

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Hi all.  Have you had any luck with online leads? Anyone every try HomeSnap?  Thanks in advance.

Online leads for buyers or for sellers? 

Hi @Maria McCreless our company has been sending mailers for over 15 years and found it to be a great tool to locate motivated sellers. 5% is a good initial response average. I would send more because the more responses means you can then sort through and be picky about the properties in which you choose.

We ONLY send personalized letters with the owner’s name, property address, and a ball-park offer. (You can do your due diligence once they call back and you KNOW they are interested.) Our letters seem to really stand out from just a generic post card. I have had folks hold on to our letters for YEARS and call us when they finally determine they no longer are going to use the property.  So don’t stop if it takes a little time.   Hope this helps!

Originally posted by @Maria McCreless :

@Antoine Martel, either or both?

 Got it. I’m using facebook ads to find buyers and it’s been working for me! 

Ryan Stewman's covers this in depth. It teaches you how to generate your own leads online though - not rely on 3rd parties. 

I'm currently no way affiliated with Ryan in terms of financial gain but he offers so much incredible value (free and paid) and helps actually take people up the chain in their industry. His website is and he has a really active facebook group called Sales Talk for Sales Pro if you're so inclined.

Hope this helps!

Andrew McBurney

@Andrew McBurney i am interested in Ryan’s entourage program, do you find it worth it. I am looking to become a loan originator, and i really want to hit the ground running regarding lead systems

Hi Maria,

Not sure if you're still in the business, either way internet leads are great for me. I am a commercial broker and do a deal a week based on internet leads. I do not pay for leads to any company. Passive marketing (receiving calls) is going to cost you money, active marketing (calling your database and cold calling) will cost you energy. I am still able to spend energy marketing and lead generating, hopefully I can increase my passive marketing budget. And ideally all my marketing and will be passive, but until then do the active marketing. 

I think all new agents should spend 3 hrs /day calling everyone they know asking for business and do 4 open houses / week. After a month they will have enough business to get them going and grow from there. 

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