New Agent Looking For Help!

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I am a new agent and joined a brand new team. We are trying to develop a business of working with rentals but are having trouble finding information on how to build a successful rental business. There is a lot of potential to gain a lot of market share with rentals in our area because agents are not focusing on them and there are rentals leads our office does nothing with. If anyone has made a great business with rentals I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some advice or share your story on how you did it. Thank You.


If you have $10-20k saved up then use those funds to go and buy a rental property.

Then you can take those rental leads and sell them your property.

Are these leads people who want to buy rentals or they want to rent a home?

@Michael Madoian , first let me say that I love Property Management, but there is so much to it!  This question has so many elements to it that I am struggling to help. So are you asking "successful" in terms of financial rewards, satisfied owners, satisfied tenants, set up, etc.  What type of units are you focusing on? What services are you wanting to provide? Who is "we"-your office or you and your broker?

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