How to get started in commercial real estate in Portland, OR

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Hello all,

So I have a few questions regarding getting started as a real estate agent. I'm located near Portland, OR and would like to break into commercial real estate but from what I've seen most CRE brokerages require at least 3 years of experience.

So question #1

Are there any specific brokerages known for giving inexperienced agents a chance?

If not, what is the typical path someone takes to become involved in CRE?

Also.. I am looking to get licensed through pro schools and have heard that it's possible to receive a discount on the program if I go through a brokerage. How does this process look? Do I have to sign with a brokerage before I sign up for the course? 

Hey Brad! My wife just passed her exam across the river from you here in Vancouver, WA. She's probably also going to go towards commercial but we've been seeing the same thing, commercial seems to have smaller commissions and a greater requirement for experience in the field before becoming a commercial agent. We're shopping around, but just yesterday I met a lady from Imagine Homes Realty who said she sometimes sits down with new agents (They don't hire them, they take "seasoned agents only") to go over what questions to ask while meeting agencies, and what good agencies in the area would be who are a match for the direction you're going. 

The lady I spoke to is up here in Vancouver, so it might not be as helpful for you in P-Town, but message me if you want her contact info. There may be similar groups down there who help point new agents in the right direction. Hope that helps!

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