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Hello ! I am Aravind, I live in the bay area and am looking for a RE Agent to help me find investment properties for rental in Dallas Texas area. Would prefer a RE Agent with extensive experience in buying Rental properties (SFR,Duplex,Condos).

 Currently I am thinking Frisco, Plano, Dallas. But I am open to suggestions if there are other good areas in the vicinity that have rental properties with good cash flow. 

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I personally have 16 home in DFW and we manage almost 200 SFR's. While there are a few gems in Dallas we are finding the real cash cows at the Northern edge of DFW along HW 380 and east along HW 80.

Housing prices in Frisco has so much pressure right now that it is very difficult to have cashflow positive properties there.

In the Northern areas, we are seeing 15% and up returns on down payments.

John Johnson


Contact me and I might be able up help u. I worked with several investors from CA. Frisco & Plano home prices have increased significantly in last 4-5yrs and it is hard to have positive cash flow

There r other suburbs with decent schools where rentals still work but these homes move quickly.

I personally use John Johnson and he is wonderful. He has helped us with rental property purchases and goes beyond what is expected.  I would not hesitate contacting John.

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