Looking for an agent willing to work with investor abroad

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I am currently living in Japan and am planning to move elsewhere in the next few months. I currently own one single family property in the south Seattle area and would like to acquire another in next several months, but the catch is I will still be abroad. I want to start communicating with an agent willing to work with these caveats.

Also, if anyone has experience in this please let me know!

Thanks all!

hi , saw this post and want to jump in. In my eyes, and I have been investing in US real estate for years now - most American real estate brokers and agents are providing great service to out if state / out if country investors. After you define what you want to buy and where, start communicating with local real estate agents. they can be found everywhere online including here at BP hope that helps

find a Tacoma south sound agent.. there are no real turn key type investmetns per se on the west coast . MLS and if you want to do a buyers broker arrangement a broker may bring you fsbo as well

they just want to get paid for their efforts.. they will go the inspections for you.

there are many great brokers who will do this.

My wife is selling one right now for a lady in Singapore..

@Zachary Pesicka ,

I would be honored to assist you in answering any questions that you might have about the Seattle/Tacoma area. Tooker Home Group has a team full of investors that are agents, as well as a construction company that we own. Let me know if we can be of some assistance to you.

Hi Zachary! I’m an agent in Tacoma...I have not worked with an investor oversees however a good portion of my business is representing the military who don’t live in state. I’m an investor myself...happy to help!

@zachary pesicka

I am not dealing with turnkey operations.

inspections, rehab, ongoing maintenance issues - all dealt directly by me. I am using local professionals of course, but I try to keep in under budget and time frames.

getting quotes , bids, researching specific vendor is crucial for out of state / out of country investor. but surely can be done - and to my believe - results will always be better on your own + you earn the learning to your self:-)

Most agents should be fine working with someone that is remote (my wife included and is an agent in King County - PM me if you want an introduction). What they care about is if you are serious about buying a property, going to work with a lender, get approved, and be ready to make offers. They're fine doing the extra legwork for someone that is remote if they are serious about buying.


@Lior Reich you're so right about learning for yourself. The knowledge is much more valuable when you acquire it through experience! It is good to know that there are folks out there doing what I am trying to do.

Thanks for giving me a short description of what you do!

Hello! @Zachary Pesicka

Finding the right agent to work with is important. I have written a blog post that may help you out. Please click the link, give it a read, and share your thoughts in the comments. Additionally if you find this post helpful please give it a vote on the right hand side of this post. Good luck!