Brokerages that hire people without a license to start

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I've noticed that quite a few brokerages say they will hire someone that doesn't currently have a license but is working towards one. 

Just curious about how this works since you have to be licensed in order to legally receive a commission right?

Do they basically offer training and some kind of minimum pay until one receives the license? Or do they just not pay at all until one is licensed? Most of these job listings don't seem to have a salary listed.

@Joseph M.

You would have to be paid a wage, which is an awesome opportunity to someone who is not licensed who is interested in becoming licensed.  They want you to get your license though because your worth is significantly lower while you are not licensed because you're not allowed to communicate with other Agents about most things they might be calling the office about, nor accessing homes, nor talking to clients in anything other than a receptionist capacity.

If they find you valuable once you start, they might ask you to show homes for them, or to do some of the work that they like the least.  Letting inspectors and appraisers in, getting bids for repairs, taking photos, filling out contracts..  Regardless, all of this aids in your growth as a professional.  


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