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Hello fellow realtors! My name is Jacob Wathen and I am a real estate agent in Portland, OR. I am working on building out a map for real estate agents that are excited to work with investors. I have clients that are actively seeking out of state investments and I want to be prepared to provide a quick and well informed answer. My goal is to establish a working map with many major cities in each state filled out with an agent that wants to work with investors (or residential clients). 

If you are interested please connect with me with an explanation of the nature of your business, the cities you are active in, and whether you work exclusively with investors. Also, please let me know if you are willing to work with new investors or if you are at the stage where you are only taking on big hitters. I am excited and eager to pass referrals back and forth and anything I find on bigger pockets that is in your city I will quickly tag you (which does not constitute a referral). If I do not get many responses I will reach out to people individually as I go throughout the map. 

You should check out the Facebook group Lab Coat Agents: Referrals. This is exactly what you describe but with thousands of agents already signed up. We know investor friendly agents that have had a lot of success with it.

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@Neal Collins Thank you for pointing me in that direction! What I am looking to do is quite a bit different than Lab Coat Agents and my goal is to actually establish relationships with agents around the country. It is definitely a good way for me to locate people I may want to speak with though. 

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